Suparibs : Rigid Inflatable Boats for Sale Australasia

Discover the highest quality and crafted aluminium ribs available on the market. At Suparibs, we pride ourselves on providing the latest technology and engineering featuring modern designs and spacious layout to provide the most sought after vessel for purchase.
A luxury aluminium rib should not be standardised, but tailored to each client for the ultimate product, which is why we offer almost complete customisation for our vessels. With exquisite craftsmanship, each detail is meticulously executed to result in a beautifully crafted inflatable rib boat.

Our range of uncompromisable ribs cover every occasion, from fast paced touring, a tender for larger vessels such as a luxury yacht or to be used as an overnight getaway rib. Including large sundecks and designs featuring spacious areas allows for ultimate comfort for every user.

Suparibs have combined the highest level in design and engineering to provide the best range of aluminium rib boats on the water.