LTN 6.5

The highest quality handmade Italian Aluminium RIB currently available worldwide, the attention to detail is second to none with its usability ticking all the right boxes. LTN RIBS offer a range of semi-rigid luxury boats with high quality, distinctive and original design. The LTN RIB 6.5 is in line with the yards philosophy, of a semi-rigid with modern lines and unpublished contents for boats of this category. Made from marine aluminium 5083, generous in size and light in weight thanks to its intrinsic characteristics of its materials, increases the boats performance resulting in low fuel consumption. This model has been designed using the latest generation software with in-depth studies of the hull behaviours, to determine its nautical qualities including the softness of the waves, and seakeeping.


Overall Length: 6.51 m
Width: 2.90 m
Weight: 666 Kg
Maximum HP: 200 Hp
Person capacity: 10
RDC Design Category: C