LTN 8.2

Designed with the latest technology and engineering by renowned Alessandro Chessa, comes this innovative aluminium semi-rigid inflatable boat.

Characterised as the ‘night in the bay’, the LTN8.2 features an upgraded layout from other LTN ribs to increase performance and in turn balance the dimensional increase of the console by redesigning the stern to create large sundeck and cabin space. This allows for overnight features to be fitted such as beds and a chemical toilet to extend the range of occasions that this vessel can be used for.

The single step sharpened hull, which is of much greater length than other inflatable boats on the market, emphasises the low friction characteristics and longitude stability of the boat.

Built from aluminium marine 5083 material which runs through the entire LTN range available at Suparibs, increases its durability and robustness higher than that of steel to ensure your luxury rib lasts through the years.


Overall length: 8.17m
Overall Beam: 8.17m
Deflated Weight: 3.17m
Weight: 1310kg (only hull deck tubes, no equipment and engine)
Maximum HP: 350HP
Person Capacity: 14
RDC Design Category: B/C